Whats next?

Getting Started is easy!

Fill in a simple online Form

Fill in our online custom bot builder form and submit it to our team for review.

STEP #1. - Content - Billing

Chatbot Collaboration

Our team will connect with you regarding your content and Logic processing via our support channels. You will be notified by email

Step #2. - Design - Testing

Deploy your new BOT on your sites

We will provide you the code links to paste into your site pages - or we can do that for you.,

Step #3. - Your BOT starts work

Let's Go...

You will be taken to our online Questionnaire Form to fill in your basic company details and a few questions about your custom BOT!.  – This is enough detail for our team to assess the best build and other important issues.  – Your team member will connect with you and talk further about your content and your logic process. –  Once our team has confirmed your Bot Building Form you will need to go to our PRODUCTS page to purchase your BOT…. Its all really easy!….

Other things you should know about our building process

Building your custom Marketing BOT v1.0 for testing is pretty easy and quick. –  We will ask you to prepare your logic for your bot and all the content and deliverables you want your bot to work with during our collaboration phase.
Don’t worry, its all painless and we will be working with you. The most important thing is for you to understand exactly what you want your BOT to achieve. – we will do the rest.

in the workshop

Different phases of our BOT building

This is the average time spent on each phase in the build process. As you can see – Your LOGIC PROCESS is where most time is spent.

v1.0 - beta bot - initial design build
Collaboration Phase
Your Logic Process building
V1.0 - beta bot - Quality Assurance Testing
v2.0 - Deploy Bot - Testing Phase on live site
Your final Signoff - Your BOT is "LIVE"