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You can find a lot more about us, who we are, and the other amazing technologies and works we create by visiting our corporate website. – Simply follow this link: https://blaqclouds.com and view all our product and services.

DeskReach - BOTS

DeskReach BOTS is where we build advanced Marketing Bots for our clients


BlaqSuite is our main technology portal. You can check out our other platforms here

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BlaqClouds Inc

BlaqClouds Inc is our company that manages all the business side of our technologies.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Can I have more than one BOT on my website?
Yes, you can. Bots can be displayed or hidden based on user actions. You can only have a single bot acting in a conversation at one time regardless of how many bots you have on your website.
Can I buy Conversation CREDITS in bulk?
Of Course. For bulk orders, contact us via email or our support channels and we can discuss your individual needs and usage.
Where are the Bots hosted?
Your bot is live on your website via our source codes, it’s is actually being served via our Bot Server to ensure we have the resources for all our customer bots and these resources are distributed effectively for there use at any particular time.
Is my data my for my Bot - SAFE?
Of course. All our servers are very secure and our Bot Server is like fort Knox. All you date and information is locked down. HOWEVER! – If you choose to provide content such as documents and other media from your bot to your visitors, we can guarantee what happens to your data once it’s passed to your visitor.