Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers enterprises to employ chatbots, messaging applications or virtual assistants to build highly engaging and valuable relationships with customers. This cutting-edge technology is spreading rapidly across every industry and more excitingly, providing enterprises with a huge potential to accelerate their growth and innovation.

From whatever little it has seen of AI assistants so far, the enterprise world has built great expectations. They are visualizing a future full of bots, so smart and powerful, that they help humans with almost any kind of support required very substantially. No wonder conversational AI has become the much-awaited technology in today’s enterprise world and attracting the attention of business leaders across the globe.

But how much of it is hype, and how much is really closer to reality? Here we are cutting through the noise surrounding Conversational AI to articulate the top trends to watch out for in 2020, with of course the prediction that it is still one of the most awaited technologies of the era and the top technology of the decade.

“2020 is Conversational AI — Microbusinesses are the future”

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