Slide Chatbots for 'ION' and his brothers are not typical "CHATBOTS" you see on web pages - these are MARKETING BOTS that we build in our own Bot Builder. - You want conversions - "we can do that!" Marketing See More
How it's work

Engage With 'ION'

Get more leads and convert them into more sales with our custom made marketing bots

Fill in our Bot builder form online

Fill in our online custom bot builder form and submit it to our team for review.

Bot collaborative Building

You collaborate with our team via our dedicated support channel while we design and program your bots intelligence and personality.

Send your bot to work 24/7 - 365

After testing and you sign off - we deploy your bot on your site. Its simply a matter of pasting our bot code into your webpage.

Our marketing BOTS are very clever

What can "ION" do for you?

Every BOT is different – you provide the logic and we can build your BOT to achieve your desired result or goal.

We build your BOT based on your logic process. This could be to get more leads from your website visitors. Make a complex booking, deliver content and resources, or redirect your visitor elsewhere. There are no limits to what our BOTS can do – you just need to be creative.

You can’t be there every time someone comes to your website. Having a marketing BOT means your visitors are ENGAGED the very second they arrive. They can talk to your visitors 24/7 365 days a year. This is proven to make high conversions at every level.

When you engage your visitors they feel satisfied that you’re attentive to their needs. This means you are highly likely to gain the desired GOAL you have for your BOT – Conversions skyrocket when your visitors feel satisfied that your offer them immediate attention.

Your Success is our Success

Empowering Your Business

We need you to be successful for us to be successful. Our team is trained to build BOTS based on two things. #1. Your process Logic and #2 Our ‘Scope” of experience to maximize the GOALS you have set for your BOT. – We will ensure your BOT meets these goals and delivers you RESULTS.

Connect your BOT to the world

Use ZAPPIER and a host of other integrations to get your BOT working in the real world

Make your BOT work for you

Connect our API and have your own developers bring your internal process out to your customers.

Intelligent & Design


Our BOTS are designed for action and conversions


We call these "interactive, conversational landing pages." They virtually force your visitors to engage and interact with your bot. That hyper engagement is what can lead to significantly higher conversions. The only content on the page is a bot and maybe some custom design in the background e.g. a logo (but even that's not necessary).


Traditional exit-intent popups are dying. A few years ago they had novelty value and converted pretty well. But these days, when a visitor clicks to leave your site, the chance they'll engage with your popup is relatively low. But an automated conversation i.e. an exit bot is more likely to catch their attention. Chances are, they haven't seen it before. It also involves engagement and interaction.


Embedding a bot within the content of your website can surprise your visitors into action. Use them within an article, or alongside a video to massively increase engagement. They will help to increase the time spent on the page and boost interaction. Both of these factors can help significantly increase conversions.

Delayed BOTS

Capture your website visitors' attention by delaying the time at which your bot makes an appearance. It's a powerful strategy, proven to boost engagement, interaction, and conversions. It can be particularly effective on mobile but also works well on desktop. You can control the delay in the bot settings.


Our BOOKING LOGIC is very advanced allowing your BOT to set time slots based on the number of resources you have for each slot. If you have 5 operators available for a 1:00 pm booking - your bot will know who is available and when they can be booked.

API - WEBhooks

Our BOTS connect with everything: AWeber - GetResponse - MailChimp - SendLane - ActiveCampaign - ConvertKit - MaroPost - InfusionSoft - WebinarJam - Everywebinar. Custome WebHooks and ZAPIER intagrations.

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Receive news, announcements, and reports

Our BOTS connect

Connect anytime, anywhere

Our BOTS processing is serverside – This means your bots work FAST on any device. There is NO LAG between user input and our BOTS output.

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In the WorkShop

Meet The Team

Pricing Options

How our Pricing Works

The BUILD COST for each marketing BOT is USD$99.00 – This is for our team to work with you in building your custom logic to your BOT.
REMEMBER! – These ARE NOT normal CHATBOTS you see on websites everywhere.
These are marketing BOTS specifically designed with YOUR CONTENT – YOUR LOGIC – YOUR GOALS


Conversations are ‘CREDITS‘ you buy in advance. When your BOT is deployed on your website and a visitor initiates a conversation and your bot reaches its process GOAL, then this is counted as a ‘Conversation’ and 1 credit is deducted from your account.
Conversation Credits cost US$0.01c

Basic Features


Per Month if less than 5000 conversations

  • One Time Basic Bot Build $99 (Not Included in Monthly price)
  • Custom Bot Name
  • Sound Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Goal Setting
  • Analytics
  • 3 Builds Revisions
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom Messages
  • Custom Bot placement
  • Custom Icons and logos
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Minimum Per Month

  • 5,000 Conversation Credits $50
  • 10,000 Conversation Credits $100
  • 25,000 Conversation Credits $250
  • 50,000 Conversation Credits $500
  • 100,000 Conversation Credits $1000
  • All CREDITS EXPIRE after 30 days
  • For high volume traffic websites exceeding 100,000 conversations per month contact us for discounted pricing
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Extreme Features


Per Month (+ Conversation credits )

  • One Time Basic Bot Build $99 (Not Included in Monthly price)
  • All the Basic Features
  • Advanced GOAL setting
  • Delayed Features
  • Full page and Exit features
  • Bot Branding
  • 5 Build Revisions
  • Priority Support
  • Monthly reporting
  • Bot Maintenance and upgrading
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Your Own custom responsive website $399

If you need a clean fast responsive website for your BOT or you need to upgrade an existing site – take advantage of our Website Offer. 
YES – $399 and we will build you your new website in just a few days.
NOT MONTHS! – All you need to do is provide us your content.
You can see over 100 of our done for you websites by clicking on this button.  Each website can be completely customized for your business with your content.


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